The Special Liberty Project | High Sierra Veteran Charity Of The Month

The Special Liberty Project | High Sierra Veteran Charity Of The Month

At High Sierra Veteran, our mission is simple. We aim to produce simple, understated apparel for the outdoor-loving veteran, and those tied to the veteran community.

With every High Sierra Veteran sale, a portion is donated to various non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organizations to help Gold Star Families, Combat Veterans, and Veteran families in need. 

Charity Of The Month

This month, we would like to introduce The Special Liberty Project. A portion of our profits in the month of January 2019 will be donated to this awesome cause, and we want to thank you, our customers, for helping to make it happen!

The Special Liberty Project is dedicated to giving back to our ill and injured service members and families of our nation's fallen heroes, referred to as Gold Star Families.

We spoke with Jessica Merritt, of The Special Liberty Project to learn more about the work they're doing. 

Tell Us About Your Charity

We have three main programs within the Special Liberty Project. Our Veteran Adventures program is focused on providing ill and injured Veterans the opportunity to drop the heavy pack they carry around daily and enjoy outdoor, educational adventures such as hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. Though these outdoor adventures, the Veterans we serve enjoy companionship, camaraderie and the tremendous bounty of the outdoors.

Our Mental Health Outreach program provides education and inspiration to our Veterans and all of our followers, on how to help someone that may be struggling with mental health, specifically focusing on suicide prevention. The Gold Star Corps mentoring program fosters positive relationships between Gold Star Children and Veteran mentors.

The teams gain a strong bond through outdoor educational adventures such as hiking, archery, fishing, boating and much more! The children truly look up to their heroic Veteran mentors, and our mentors are thankful for the opportunity to serve their fellow military families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This program has been incredibly impactful on many levels.

Can You Tell Us About A Particular Moment That's Had A Significant Impact On You While Working With This Charity?

There are so many individual moments that have had a monumental positive impact on the lives of the families we serve, but I remember one like it was yesterday. The special thing about this moment, is that this moment, has since turned into many memories to come. During one of our Gold Star Corps mentoring events, a very shy and timid 5 year old little girl, clung to her mother as they approached our group of Veteran mentors anxiously waiting to meet the Gold Star Kids for the first time. When I asked the mom, a Gold Star Surviving Spouse, if I could introduce the sweet little girl to on of our amazing Veteran's, without hesitation the little girl immediately spotted her new buddy, jumped down, and ran over to him. She didn't say a word, she just grabbed his leg, then proceeded to bear hug him like she would have if he were her very own father she hadn't seen in a while.

The little girl's grandmother watched this amazing interaction with tears in her eyes and quietly shared with me, that her granddaughter has never shown any affection to men, her father passed away when she was quite young and this was just a match that was meant to be. The little girl and her brother have since bonded with their mentor, and he is a very special part of their lives. We are so thankful for the opportunity to bring these deserving people together. 

What Else Would You Like To Share About The Special Liberty Project?

We are proud to be a group of military families serving our fellow military families. Our founders, are an active duty military family, and our amazing volunteers are all military or veteran families as well. We've all moved far away from our homes, although we've found a new home together, and built a Special Liberty family along the way. We are are thankful we have the opportunity to honor the sacrifices our Gold Star Families, and ill and injured Veteran's have made. Our programs have made an incredible, positive impact upon our community and we are constantly working on expanding our services to grow our family nation wide.

How Can Someone Get Involved With Volunteer Work? 

To get involved with volunteer work, please visit our website: or or contact us directly at (619) 726-9240. We are always excited to work with new volunteers and welcome you to our Special Liberty family!

How Can Someone Contribute Financially To The Special Liberty Project? 

To support our programs financially, please visit our donate page at the website listed above or checks may be sent to: Special Liberty Project PO Box 3733 Ramona CA 92065 The Special Liberty Project is a registered 501 c3 charitable organization

Tell Us About Your Upcoming Events. 

We have many amazing event's planned for our Veterans and Gold Star Families in 2019 and beyond! As you can imagine, the holiday's are a very difficult time for a family who has lost a loved one. We have a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day event planned for our Gold Star Ladies to kick off the new year followed by a Gold Star Corps mentoring event shortly after. We host quarterly mentoring events in San Diego as well as Arizona and numerous overnight veteran adventures. We thank you for your time reading about the Special Liberty Project and hope you will join us in supporting our military families by following our adventures online. 



Instagram: @speciallibertyproject

Facebook: The Special Liberty Project

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